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Seeking outside help with your sales effort is all too common these days and is just about in every industry. The business of meetings management is no different. We see corporations and associations getting involved with third-party agencies that take care of housing, physical meeting arrangements, exhibits, ground transportation, registration for events and even site selection and negotiations. There is a distinct advantage to outsourcing part of a business function to companies that specialize in a particular aspect of one's business.

One thing that comes up often during our Hotel and Motel Management-sponsored sales workshops is that most directors of sales find there is so much to get done in the business of selling their properties, some activities fall by the wayside.

When booking groups for a hotel property, many salespeople must get involved with a good deal of marketing, as well as sales details. The variety of activities that demand a salesperson's attention is almost unbelievable. Prospecting for new businesses via telemarketing could be a full-time job. There is maintenance of accounts, building relationships with existing clients, keeping up-to-date on files, and conducting sales calls on prospects.

With advancements of the internet technology, we find ourselves spending more and more time responding to requests for proposals, which arrive at a rapid-fire pace. Now, we also have salespeople who must deal with third party meeting planners, as well as internet travel agencies. Conducting site inspections, advertising, public relations, direct mail, promotions, arranging a sales blitz, and out-of-town sales trips, and the list goes on. There is not enough time to get everything done properly in order to improve sales production.

In order to get more sales and marketing accomplished, hotels should start to outsource. There are experienced hotel industry sales and marketing people setting up shop to do just this kind of work, and New Generation Sales is here to help.