The Hospitality Sales Foundation

Our Service Is Your Extended Sales Team

We actively recruit sales talent with the experience to produce quality leads.  We carefully screen each applicant to ensure our team has quality sales and hospitality experience.  We look for the best of the best with great personalities to make daily cold calls.  We train all of our professionals in the following areas regardless of experience.

- Complete overview of the Hospitality Industry and current trends
- Marketing & Sales Strategies
- Overview of Hotel Operations & Event Management
- Various Cold Calling Techniques & Tips
- Conducting Property Assessments & Surrounding Feature Surveying
- Selling Event & Meeting Space
- How to cultivate potential sales leads
- Practice, Practice, & More Practice - Establish Confidence

  • Meet a Few of our Sales Professionals

  • Jason Clayton, Sr. Sales Manager

    Jason practically grew up in a hotel, and got his first job at the front desk of a Holiday Inn. His parents were both sales people in the industry and passed on what hospitality really means, treating guests with respect and making them feel at home. He spent 10 years as a sales manager at multiple golf resorts throughout the southern US before coming to New Generation Sales. He brings intrinsic knowledge of the executive meeting, leisure, and golf world to the team, as well as what it means to be part of the hospitality industry and what guests will expect.


  • Tom Williams, Regional Sales Manager

  • Tom has been a sales manager and marketing director at multiple hotel chains, including Starwood, Hilton and Marriott. He build his career specializing in dealing with the comp set at each hotel: "Know your competition - We take the time to know who our direct competitor is in the market. Being aware of the pros and cons of our product and the competitors is important in our sales. Beware of falling into the "my competition sucks and here is why" trap. We NEVER want to make a sale based on the flaws of our competitors product. The best way to circumnavigate this issue is to make sure we say something nice about our competitor...but then point out in a conversational tone how our product is a better value in the long run. We have many samples to show our clients."