Getting Back To Basic Cold Calling Sales

Lead Prospecting is Our Profession

- We only hire professional sales leaders that have a Hospitality background
- A team with a combined Hospitality sales experience of over 95+ years
- The largest PRIVATE database of event & meeting planners
- We train our team on a weekly basis deploying new sales tactics as needed
- Our success is directly related to your success which fuels our sales team
- NGSG can avoid the common distractions of day to day operations  
- We can focus 100% on our daily cold colds efforts, generating new prospects

Precise Event Targeting

NGSG Will Precisely Target Events You Desire

We develop a targeting strategy that will help us decide which events to target. We do not waste our time targeting events that do meet your requirements.

- Target events that will be held in your area
- Target group sizes that meet your property's specifications
- Target events that will utilize room nights
- Target specific group segments