Return on Investment (ROI)

New Generation Sales Group Offers More


You Get a Team of Experts (Back To Top)
When you sign up for our services, you will get a highly trained staff dedicated to your hotel, helping you generate new
revenue, and target new business. Our professionals have a strong background in sales and marketing. We will help your
staff make the cold calls, create new leads, and develop sales blitzes. Our business is based on performance, not excuses.
We are proud to be a part of your sales team.

You Save Money (Back To Top)
You will save money on the cost of hiring, training, and the retention of an inside sales manager. We take care of
all the processes associating with hiring additional members of your sales team. Our professionals go though three weeks
of training before they are allowed to make calls on behalf of your hotel.

You Save Time (Back To Top)
You will save time on recruitment of your inside sales staff, ads placed in newspapers and online, the interviewing process,
paperwork, and training. Our company does all the work for you. We go right to work making calls and finding leads
with no time wasted.

Scale Up or Down As Needed (Back To Top)
Our services are month to month. You may keep us for as long as you would like or hire us during your slow periods. We
believe within the first month you will see progress and results, that keep you coming back.  Let us prove to you
that we can be a valuable asset to your hotel.

Extension of Your Existing Team (Back To Top)
We do not work alone. We work with your existing sales team to provide support and bring new ideas to the table. We  work closely with your sales staff and share the work load that needs to be done to make your sales team run more efficiently.

Constant Communications (Back To Top)
During your normal business hours, our staff will always be available to you. We would like to be included in your sales meetings
and other brain storming sessions. We work best when communication between our clients and staff is optimal.

Fresh, Innovative New Approach (Back To Top)
Working with us can provide a fresh new approach to your sales strategy. Each morning our team gets together to brainstorm
new ideas that will improve our sales efforts.

No Long Term Contracts (Back To Top)
No yearly contracts and no long term commitments. Every single contract is month to month.

We Will Help You Increase Sales...