Nurtured Leads & RFP Acquisition Program





                                 Our Most Powerful Service!  -  1 Year Sales Engagement - Committed to 3-5x ROI

NGSG will source to you our leads that are in the buy cycle that have either selected or are considering your location for a specific meeting and the lead presented to you typically would be in a RFP format.

For those opportunities which are in the early stage of the buy cycle we will nurture the relationship until such time as they are in a position to receive proposals from you. All opportunities are a direct result of our relationship with the planner and our lead production is also supported by the activities of our call center specialists. The author of the opportunity would participate in the sales engagement until the client achieves a final decision on the hotel selection for a particular program.

We believe that this approach improves your odds in winning the business. Our team will separate the good from the bad.  We can help update old sales leads, find incomplete contact information, update address, phone numbers, email address, titles, and the organization's contact details.

To maximize our efforts, we can also provide email campaigns to send out to these contacts.  You can forward any marketing material for our staff to use to send out to potential clients and we will combine that into our sales campaign.

What This Service Provides...

          3-6 RFP's provided monthly
          100-125 Verified Records Each Week
          In-depth research regarding future promotions or events   
          Monthly Activity Report
          (6) Electronic mail campaigns       
          Sales Appointment Setting         
          Boosted sales blitzes during shoulder months           
          10% Charged on room actualized       
          Dedicated Call Center & Sales Staff