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New Generation Sales Group Has High Standards

Corporate Information (Back To Top)
Our company specializes in lead generation & outside sales for the hospitality industry. Our sales professionals are constantly prospecting for new events and target groups that may use overnight rooms. .

Sales Organization (Back To Top)
Traditional lead generation methods such as trade shows and print-based media, can be stored in databases for easy
access. Internet lead generation requires additional coordination and planning in order to make it a worthwhile activity
that benefits your hotel. We centralize our information so that our sales team can approach prospective customers
at the right time. Organizing sales and contacts typically results in a positive return on your investment.

On-Boarding Process (Back To Top)
The day you sign up for our services, we begin the on-boarding process immediately.  We establish a (SPC) Single Point
of Contact that will typically be the person that can be contacted during business hours. We start researching your hotel via your website and ask you to send us any information that might help us sell your hotel.  We then research your local area looking for
attractions, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment that would entice event planners to hold their events at your property.

Tools and Technology (Back To Top)
There is no doubt that the World Wide Web has helped sales professionals find contact information that can
transform into leads.  We use every social network, professional network, search engine, and our own database to find event
planners looking to hold events in the near future.  These tools and technology will not make the sale by itself, it takes an
experienced and trained professional to close the deal. With our service that is exactly what you will be receiving.

Prospecting (Back To Top)
Effective prospecting is a critical component of sustainable sales success. However, prospecting is not selling. You may be
a well-trained and/or experienced salesperson, but your training may not have included prospecting. Or perhaps you never
prospected at all. The output of prospecting is a list of qualified leads that may buy your product or service. Selling begins only
after a lead is categorized as qualified.

The Engagement Cycle (Back To Top)
The engagement cycle is the simplest of the selling process. You have built trust, and your prospect is eager to do business with you. You know their sticking points, and you can confidently answer any objection they may have. Because of the relationship you have built with your prospect, you know that the prospects objections will only provide you with insight and give you further opportunity to continue your dialog and build an even stronger commitment. In this phase, we can address the prospects needs, soothe his or her ills, and dispel any fears.

Selling Tactics (Back To Top)
In most hotels, sales and marketing are separate departments, each thinking they are the more valuable resource. The truth
is, neither sales nor marketing alone can produce results anywhere close to an integrated cohesive effort of both sales and
marketing. We work closely together to attain new business. All too often, the best marketing efforts can easily fall short in the last
mile if sales are not tightly integrated into the strategy and planning phase. No matter how large or small your hotel, we can help you develop tactics and strategies utilizing your existing sales resources to close sales on leads developed by your marketing efforts, as well as innovative sales support tactics that allow your sales people to quickly adapt to any sales situation. With the right tactics and tools, your sales staff will be more efficient and effective at their jobs, allowing them to focus on closing more business, rather than relying on the shotgun approach and trying to meet their cold-calling or estimating quota.

Follow-up (Back To Top)
The most important aspect of closing business is the follow-up.  Our team will provide the best time for your team to reach out to the client and close the business, book the site visit, or receive an RFP.

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