Lead Verification Services

Lead Verification Bundles

NGSG provides quality leads exclusively for the hospitality industry. We search organizations that are known to hold events and locate the event planner, providing all the necessary contact information for your inside sales team to generate great prospects.

LVS-25.........25-30 Weekly Verifed Leads

LVS-30.........30-35 Weekly Verifed Leads  

LVS-35.........35-40 Weekly Verifed Leads

3 Easy Steps  

Step 1:  Provide us with the target industry segment & location where you want us to prospect for quality sales leads.

Step 2:   We call various organizations, associations, and companies that have held previous events or meetings and verify their contact information while identifying any upcoming events. We verify the following lead information...
             -  Address, Phone Number & Extension, Title,
                E-mail, Website, Navigation to Contact, and
                Identify Future Events.

Step 3:   You receive weekly verified sales leads in an Easy-to-Read excel spreadsheet, ready for your team to make the calls.

View Our Sample LVS Report