Lead Generation Services

Fully Dedicated Hospitality Sales Team

Our sales team will make 100+ weekly prospecting cold calls, working five days a week Exclusively for your orgazation, providing our clients with 8-9 highly qualified and detailed sales leads each and every week!



Our team is very experienced, each with a background in the Hospitality Industry

- Every group we provide will have the event planners information verified via telephone
- Our team will setup a follow-up time with each contact
- Detailed call logs and reports delivered weekly to your e-mail
- Our team will conduct extensive research on your property and local area to determine sales points
- We can accelerate your sales efforts by becoming a part of your sales blitzes
- Full customer support  

What This Service Provides...

           8-9 Weekly Verified Sales Leads
          100-125 Verified Records Each Week
          In-depth research regarding future promotions or events   
          Weekly Activity Report
          (2) Electronic mail campaigns       
          Sales Appointment Setting         
          Dedicated Call Center & Sales Staff 

Month to Month Contacts
Results Driven
We offer flexible and simple contracts that best fit your needs. Our sales team works hard each and every day to ensure results that will in turn allow our clients to maintain NGSG services.