First Steps of Success

New Generation Sales Group Takes It Step By Step

1. Reviewing Your Property (Back To Top)
Our team will gather information about your hotel through your website.  We also ask our standard questions about your
property with members of your sales team. We gather all details of your hotels amenities, current promotions, room types,
and other features that will help us to promote your property.

2. Reviewing the Surrounding Area (Back To Top)
Our team researches your surrounding areas to find features that will help sell your property to attract event planners
to hold their events at your hotel. We look for high quality restaurants, attractions, theaters, comedy clubs, nightlife, and
entertainment for kids.

3. Develop a Strategy (Back To Top)
When you sign up for our services, we will contact you to setup a strategy meeting. We develop a plan to help
us better target events that you would like in your meeting spaces. We work with your sales staff to develop the best way to target groups and plan how we will conduct our sales strategy.

4. Target Group Segments (Back To Top)
You tell us which group segment to go after (i.e. SMERF,Corp., Association) and we will go to work for you targeting those specific groups.

5. What Size Groups to Target (Back To Top)
We also need to determine what size groups to target. This will depend on how large your meeting spaces are and
how many rooms are available for over nights. We can target small or large groups. This will be discussed and
implemented in the strategy meeting.

6. What Areas to Target (Back To Top)
We will target groups from any markets that you specify.  We have contacts all over the country and can stay local or go nationwide. 

7. How to Promote Your Hotel (Back To Top)
Every hotel has their unique way to market their property. We adjust our sales efforts with your promotions. We
promote your property as well as the surrounding areas.

8. We get to work! (Back To Top)
Our team hits the phones, sells your property and fills your sales funnel extremely fast.

We Are Leading The Way To Your Success..