Expanding Your Sales Team

New Generation Sales Group believes that a sales team is only strong as its weakest link and we are here to strengthen your team.  NGSG will act as an extension of your existing sales team focusing on creating new leads, cold calling potential new business and generating new revenue for our clients.

Our Growth

Projected growth of 232% in 2017

New Generation Sales Group is projected to grow with increasing demand for new business.

Using All Available tools

We have many ways to find new prospects using social media, professional resources, and utilizing our vast & private databases of Meeting & Event Planners.

Our Standards

Great sales professionals have shown to be high-energy, self motivated, and relationship-oriented people with a low tolerance for structure. New Generation Sales Group talents lie in handling the nuance of multiple relationships in an uncertain environment. It is hard to be successful while following strict and restrictive rules in a high-stakes game with shifting goals, fierce competition, multiple layers of decision makers, influencers, and spoilers to navigate.

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Our Professionals

We Hire In The USA!

New Generation Sales Group hires all our professionals right here in the United States. We believe our success is right in our backyard.

High Level of Experience

Our sales team has over 95+ years of experience leading the way for outside sales in the hospitality industry. We know how to generate leads and build new business.

Our Principles

"Sales Standards" are the Answer We hold our sales staff to the highest level of standards. We form the baseline for team learning.

Performance, No ExcusesWe listen to our clients needs and we meet our clients expectations. We deliver qualified leads to your sales team and attract new business to your property.

Make a Plan, Keep it Simple

Research has shown that the vast majority of sales teams today work without a strategic plan. In a basically hit-or-miss environment, it's amazing when they are able to actually land sales contracts. Even when a sales force is hitting quota, company management often believes that they are operating at a fraction of their potential. We work with a well thought, methodical approach to sales. Simply put, we get the results our clients desire.