Account Manager

Accounting: Summer 2017

The senior accountant is responsible for applying accounting principles and procedures to analyze financial information, prepare accurate and timely financial reports and statements and ensure appropriate accounting control procedures.



Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • - Compile and analyze financial information to prepare reports.. -Statements including monthly and annual accounts.
  • - Ensure financial records are maintained in compliance with accepted policies and procedures.
  • - Ensure all financial reporting deadlines are met.
  • - Prepare financial management reports.
  • - Ensure accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and year end close report.
  • - Establish and monitor the implementation and maintenance of accounting control procedures.
  • - Resolve accounting discrepancies and irregularities.
  • - Continuous management and support of budget and forecast activities.
    • - Monitor and support taxation issues.
  • - Develop and maintain financial data bases.
  • - Financial audit preparation and coordinate the audit process.
  • - Ensure accurate and appropriate recording and analysis of revenues and expenses.
  • - Analyze & advise on business operations including revenue and expenditure trends.
  • - Analyze financial information to recommend or develop efficient use of resources and procedures.
    - Recommendations and maintain solutions to business and financial problems.

Education and Experience

  • - Accounting degree or equivalent.
  • - Knowledge of accepted accounting practices and principles.
  • - Knowledge of economic principles.
  • - Knowledge of auditing practices and principles.
  • - Knowledge of applicable laws, codes and regulations.
  • - Knowledge and experience of related computer applications.
  • - Usually a minimum of 3 years experience in the management of financial systems and budgets, financial reporting, financial data analysis, auditing, taxation and providing financial advice.

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